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When you need exterior and interior home painting, or privacy fencing, call Music city Maintenance and Services. We are the Nashville house painters you can trust. 

The Most trusted Nashville House Painters

When it’s time for an update on your homes paint, it’s time to give us call. We are proud to offer professional interior and exterior home painting, as well as privacy fencing. Nashville, TN homeowners trust us as their premier house painters.

You need someone who goes beyond basic fencing services to achieve the best results. Whether you need new installations, repairs, or painting services, contact us first.
Music City Maintenance and Services keeps your property looking like new all year long. From outdoor maintenance items to interior services, we offer it all.

Keep your home looking great with our Nashville house painters. Our team knows what it takes to upgrade your old look with something new, fresh, and long lasting. 


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Nashville House Painters for Your Exterior or Interior

Whether last nights storm caused damage to your homes paint, or you are just ready to change the exterior paint color of your home, our team is ready to help. With years of experience in exterior and interior home painting, we’ll get the job done fast and right. 

Thinking of a privacy fence as well? Good news- we can help with that too! Nowadays, with more people spending more time at home, privacy is a top concern. Hire us for your privacy fence needs and enjoy your homes new private space. 

Our contractors have many years of building experience ready to be put to good use. Contact us now for your home’s best upkeep services, such as:

Whatever your home needs to be at its best, you can call on us. Keep your property better maintained at affordable costs with our contractors


Interior Painters Nashville, TN

A fresh coat of paint eliminates years from your interior rooms. However, inexperienced painters can highlight seams and wall blemishes making it not look so great. When you need professional painters, we leave your indoor areas looking new again. Contact us to take care of faded wall colors and outdated patterns.


Exterior Painting

It takes experienced house painters in Nashville, TN, to renew your exterior walls. Wherever you have peeling paint and cracked stucco, we’re here for you. We use a variety of professional paint, stain, and repair products. Keep your home’s curb appeal higher with our painting contractors.


Privacy Fencing Nashville, TN

Privacy fencing is practical, but you can’t sacrifice how they look. Our professional fencers create the best systems around for your property. Not only will you stay protected, but you also improve the appearance of your exterior. See the difference our experienced contractors can make for your home today.


Fence Staining Services

Staining your wood fence gives it a richer color while also keeping it hydrated. Over time, the sun and wind leave your lumber without moisture and cause it to splinter. Staining your wood fence allows the wood to withstand exposure longer before having to repair or replace it. Give your privacy fences the care they need to continue keeping you safe.


Fence Installation

Not all homes are built with an included fence, while others have fences that are broken down. No matter when your home needs a new fence, choose our local contractors. We can install your fence quickly with durable building products that last. Get the most from your new fencing system and hire us today.


Fence Repairs

Eventually, even the best fence will need attention to keep it durable. In most cases, addressing your repairs and maintenance sooner than later prevents having to replace them. We offer affordable fencing repairs throughout the community for improved privacy and security. See why fencing is best left to the pros at Music City Maintenance and Services.

Why Hire Our Nashville House Painters and Privacy Fence Builders?

As the most trusted Nashville house painters, you can trust that we will do the job right, the first time. We will be transparent in costs, and work with you to pick the best color and type of paint for your exterior. You can trust that our house painter services will leave you with a beautiful new interior or exterior. 

Privacy fencing offers improved curb appeal and it’s also your first line of protection. That means that it should be built by experienced service contractors. We can build a privacy fence along any kind of terrain, with any style or material. 

Call Music City Maintenance and Services today for the best Nashville House Painters and privacy fence installation. 

What are the Benefits of New Exterior or Interior Paint and Fence Installation Services?

Your fence can provide many benefits beyond what you initially see. Once it’s in place, you’ll wonder how you lived without it at all.
Better fences mean offering more than lovely appearances, but protection as well. We ensure that you receive the highest level of privacy and security possible.

When it comes to new exterior paint (and interior!) you can increase your homes value, salability, or just update the look for years to come.

Whatever fencing system or color of paint is right for your property, we will help you get the most from it. Contact us now to get all of the benefits from new look or fence such as: 

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Homeowners hear that they can easily get 20 years from a brand-new fence. Then why does it feel as though that often isn’t the case? Many residential fences can have extensive problems well before two decades. The reason is because people often don’t maintain their pickets and posts. Raw lumber products can only withstand the elements for so long. Unless you frequently treat them through cleaning, painting, or staining, they will dry out. Getting the most use from your fencing system begins with a quality installation. See why we are the trusted name in fencing services today.

One of fencing’s best features are its many potential designs for you to choose from. When you hire experienced builders, it means expanding your options even further.

We have many years of experience with building a wide range of different styles and materials. Whether you need better privacy, aesthetics, or functionality, we’re here for you.

You can easily maintain your new fences with our contractors as well.

Knowing when you need to schedule a painter is the first step. However, that isn’t always so simple to determine, especially indoors. Because of exposure, your exterior surfaces fade and wear out eventually. For most homeowners, that means painting every five years or so. While sunlight is filtered better before entering your home, paint fades about as quickly. Every five to seven years, you need to have a fresh coat applied to fight aging. Some homeowners find it best to take care of both the inside and exterior together. No matter what you need us to paint, we guarantee the best results.

One reason why homeowners fail to have their homes painted is not knowing their options. You may need a specific type of paint but aren’t sure what it’s called.

Unfortunately, some contractors only work with certain paints and not others. When you need the colors, sheens, and shades you prefer, we know what to do.

You can rely on our experienced painters to take on any exterior or interior job. Hire us now for all of your favorite finishes and products, such as:

  • Eggshell Paint
  • Exterior Paint
  • Flat Paint
  • Gloss Paint
  • Interior Paint
  • Latex-Based Paint
  • Matte Paint
  • Oil-Based Paint
  • Primer Colors
  • Satin Paint
  • Semi-Gloss Paint
  • Water-Based Paint
  • And other options

We make it simple to keep your home looking like new for longer. Contact us now for professional painting contractors for indoor and outdoor projects.

The Top Nashville House Painters

Another reason to hire our maintenance contractors is because of how convenient we are. No matter where you are in the greater Nashville area, we can assist you.
Quality painting services and fencing products help to improve your property in many ways. When something feels like it’s missing, it needs our local contractors.
You can improve your yard with our convenient builders. Contact us to schedule your fencing experts or Nashville house painters for properties in:

The Best Nashville House Painters and Privacy Fencing Installers

Whether it’s to change the look and feel of your home, a remodel, or to sell- our Nashville house painters can do the job. With years of experience, you can trust our team.

When you need a fence built, you expect the best contractors possible. Hiring us means choosing local builders who get the most from every product.

Whether you need us inside or out, we provide a wide range of options. Whatever you need to keep your home more youthful, call on us first.

The right service contractors can maintain your home at affordable costs. Hire the best builders around with Music City Maintenance and Services.